Sweat Rash

Published: 14th June 2010
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A sweat rash is a very common thing to get. It can affect anyone of any age or gender and can occur at any stage in a persons life. It can be very irritating and cause the person great discomfort. It is also be called prickly heat and malaria.

Cause of Sweat Rash:

A sweat rash is caused by yeast called Candida which is found on the skin. It naturally occurs on the skin. The natural balance of the skin is affected and upset by trapped perspiration. This is turn allows the yeast Candida to cause irritation. It can be very red in appearance and feel very itchy. Every day we run the risk of developing this fungal skin infection as every day we sweat which could lead to a sweat rash developing.

Rushing around, wearing tight clothes and going to the gym often can upset the natural balance of Candida on the skin. A sweat rash is more commonly found in people who are overweight, people who go to the gym a lot and people who tend to sweat more than others.

How Does the Fungal Skin Infection Occur

The fungal skin infection occurs when there is an overgrowth of Candida/. It occurs when the condition of the skin changes such as the skin becoming warmer and moister.

Where is the Sweat Rash More Commonly Found

The most common places on the body where this rash appears, is skin folds and where skin rubs together. Areas of the body where this may occur include-

- Groin

- Elbows

- Under arms

- Between and under the breasts

- Back of knees

If a sweat rash is left untreated it can spread.

How to Determine Whether You Have A Sweat Rash or Not

The signs and symptom of a sweat rash are:

- Itching

- Inflamed skin

- Red sore appearance

- Burning sensation

- And the skin may be moist and broken

The rash that is created is called papules and this can also cause a prickling sensation.

Treatment of a Sweat Rash

- Cool the skin

- A cool shower can help

- Loose fitting clothing

- Keeping the sweat rash dry

- Avoiding over crowding

- Avoiding humid or excessively warm environments

- Good air conditioning and good ventilation is necessary

- Calamine lotion is said to help

- Anti fungal agents help as they help eliminate bacteria and fungi

It is never a good idea to self diagnose when you discover a rash anywhere on your body as it might not be just as simple as being a sweat rash. It is always best to seek medical advice if possible.

What happens if you have the condition known as hyperhidrosis where you sweat excessively for no known reason, well off course you are going to be more prone to getting sweat rashes! Well if this is the case do you not think it is time you put an end to your excessive sweat problem and therefore put an end to your re-occurring sweat rash. Afterall this skin condition can be pretty uncomfortable, unsightly and can also really limit your quality of life!

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